Breeders of the Pure Bred Lusitano Horse

On a beautiful estate in the equestrian heart of Texas, Haras Dos Cavaleiros is perfecting the art of breeding an exceptional horse: the pure bred Lusitano. We are creating an environment where the Lusitano, heir to an ancient legacy of aristocratic sport and spectacle, is the acknowledged star of a new series of encounters in the modern world of sport, luxury and entertainment. Join us as we explore the possibilities!


Our mission is to protect and preserve the lineage of the Lusitano horse, and to enlarge and enrich the local and global equestrian heritage.


It is our privilege to provide inspiration and support for others who love and honor the Lusitano breed. We aim to be a point of reference and source of support in the development and implementation of various means for the enjoyment of the Lusitano horse.

Our Philosophy

At Haras Dos Cavaleiros, we believe that when we share our love and knowledge of this ancient breed of horse with the public, we are also making the ancient culture of Portugal available to a wider audience. Through equestrian clinics and demonstrations at important shows and events, or through visits to our ranch, we welcome you to enjoy the beauty of these extraordinary horses, nurtured by a landscape created especially for them.